Coffee table made with recycled fruit boxes


Recently, we showed a very interesting project, although it was not made ​​with wooden pallets, we considered it as one furniture made of pallets, because to built it we used some recycled fruit boxes, you can see here this post. Today you can see a very similar project built with the same base: use the fruit boxes laterally to make a table.It’s very easy to do, in the pictures you can see the exact procedure.

To built it we’ll need the following items: 4 fruit boxes (or something very similar), 4 wheels (or wooden supports, but better if we use some wheels), One wooden board (with the dimensions that is going to have the entire table, it will serve as the base), Varnish, wooden oil or paint, Wooden glue and Screws.



Firstly we’ll need a wooden board with the same dimensions that we are going to give to the entire table, we need to know the dimensions placing the 4 fruit boxes together as we can see in the picture, one next to the other an all surrounding the center. Next we’ll place the 4 wheels at each corner with some screws.


Well now that we have the base of the table we’ll turn it around, and over it we’ll put the fruit boxes as we previously have thought. Putting them on its side will serve to make profit of them as a table, and into them we’ll be able to place our magazines, books, paperweights and other decorative elements… To fix the boxes to the board we’ll use the wooden glue.


We finally have finished ​​the table, the last step will be its decoration, we can paint it, varnish or apply a special wooden oil. In the example we have applied 2 coats of varnish and the result is amazing as you can see! it seems a table purchased at a designer boutique 🙂

If you want to see the 3D drawings and a video of how to build this table click on the following link: Plans and instructions of how to build a table with fruit boxes


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