Coffee table of an excellent end and design


We have seen many tables for the living room made with pallets. Normally stacking 2 pallets and making a couple of changes we get one, although simple, it works perfectly and will solve our needs. Today I want to show you a design table for the living room, although at first glance it doesn’t seem that has been built using pallets, trust me it is. Another great result which teach us that the furniture made with pallets doesn’t have to be simple, it can even be sold in the best designer shops.

Coffee table of an excellent end and design 1

You can see that all the aesthetic work is based on a good design of how to put the wooden pieces, previously worked. The base of the table, the legs, is a cross built with wooden planks where rests the upper table.

Coffee table of an excellent end and design 2

To make this table obviously we first have to dismantle several pallets to obtain their wooden planks. The lower cross has been built putting these planks vertically by simply placing and joining them by the inside using crosstabs, all the planks have been properly polished.

To build the top table before we have to draw an initial sketch of the furniture, then you have to cutt the planks following the sketch directions, placing them like a puzzle and adapting them when is needed. These planks have also been suitably polished. All the planks have been glued between them and are topped by the perimeter with a flexible metal foil, to make the entire table work as a single piece.

Coffee table of an excellent end and design 3

One of the secrets of this table is the excellent end that it has, which has been achieved with an efficient polishing of all the wood and a very successful use of the wooden oils, that gives to it that nice and elegant hue.

Coffee table of an excellent end and design 4

Do you like this pallet furniture for the living room? Do you want to look for more pallet tables?