Coffee table with drawers included


José has sent to us via our Facebook page this great table built with pallets. Barely one can see that it’s built using original pallets, as these have been modified considerably, until the point that they have used several loose boards from them to build it.

This is a coffee table, suitable to be placed in a living room between several sofas, very useful to keep all the objects that we normally use in the living room and we want to have on hand, thanks to the drawers they will be perfectly stored. It’s not suitable for outdoors because the water could get inside the drawers.

Coffee table with drawers included

The table features 4 practical drawers inside, revealing the content of these through the top of the table, so we know before opening them if the object that we are looking for is into them. To make it useful, above these holes that let you see the drawers, a glass has been placed cut to size.

All the wood has been sanded properly for the occasion, and of course has also been painted with an appropriate tone to highlight the natural wood. Many other features are for example the handles of the drawers, which are made of metal and have been purchased exclusively to build this table.

Thanks for sharing your project José, this is a great creation, hopefully you’ll soon send us new ones.

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