Cool studio table very easy to do


The combination of recycled elements can give us original ideas, and we can get results extremely impressive in addition to be decorative. This is the case of the table that we propose you today, which will add the virtue of being very funny in addition to all that I have mentioned before.

To build it we need only 3 items, you’ll see that it’s something super easy to do, we’ll need an Euro pallet, a slate board and 2 sawhorses. In any case, all these elements can be found without a single euro spent.

We have to cut the slate board in order to fit the dimensions of the pallet, and then glue it on this one. Then put the pallet on the 2 sawhorses and you’ll obtain the table, too easy right?

Cool studio table very easy to do

You can appreciate that this table is perfect for decorating a study, a child’s room or even the kitchen, and that it can be used to write messages with chalk on it, so it can be very useful to note reminders etc.

This idea is great, and I couldn’t avoid to publish it on this blog. Easy, creative and decorative at the same time.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the kitchen? Do you want to look for more pallet tables?