Design desk with pallets


This magnificent desk with a peculiar design has also been built thanks to the wooden planks from the pallets. Perfectly balanced even with its asymmetric structure is specially designed to place your PC, hence there is a wooden base, perfect to put your computer case on a side on the ground, and just above it you can find a space where to hide temporarily the keyboard and the mouse until you need to use it.

Design desk with pallets 1

On the top of the table the same “C” design continues drawing a shelf, very useful for keeping the books that we need to check when we are working, or just to put some decorative objects. All the table top is built with wooden planks, polished and aligned to make more comfortable the desk use.

Design desk with pallets 2

A fantastic table with a design that delights your study and gives it character, but not suitable for everybody, as it requires the best DIY skills to build it.

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