Decorative design table made of pallet planks


Jaime Ether & Wood rewards us again with a beautiful table design also made pallet tables.

As we mentioned again Jaime combines iron pallets to create this table. The legs can be recycled in a 60s style table, or instruct the metal structure to a blacksmith. After tables pallets rest on top to form the table, images can not be seen, but these tables are fixed directly onto the metal frame connecting the four triangular legs.

Design table made of pallet planks 1

All these tables have been properly sanitized giving the clean image that can be seen in the picture, but anyway Jaime has decided to top the table with another table with a nice border, giving more strength to the whole and embellishing.

Design table made of pallet planks 2

There are different ways to create this finish, ceramic tiles can be a vinyl, or simply painted directly on a piece of wood drawing. I personally love the finished ceramic because it is very clean, but although this is not the case is also very nice.

Design table made of pallet planks 3

Thank you again Jaime for your projects.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the dinning room? Do you want to look for more pallet tables?

Source: Ether & Wood