Design table made of wooden pallet


This DIY coffee table for the living room is made of wooden pallets. I was inspired from a similar table design which I found on a website. I thought it would be interesting to build it as if nobody had thought about its structure, like if someone just had put together a lot of boards without any structural sense. I never cared about the size or measures, I simply started to put the boards together until I saw that the table was stable!

To do this table you need the following things: A wooden pallet … or any type of wood you have will work, id doesn’t need to come from a pallet., a saw,  a drill,  screws,  glue,  something to do the table top, it can be a glass like the one in the photos, or any other material, including other wooden pallets.


You have to start the work cutting the table legs, they have to have the same size so then the table will be levelled. You’ll have to cut more boards to build the random legs, it will be just for the decoration. Finally you must put the supports for the legs underneath the table, with randomly placed cross boards. Put them as ramdom as you can!

If you use a wooden pallet it would be great if you first clean it and sand it, just for a perfect quality finish…



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