Desktop for your computer made ​​with pallets


If you need a good place to place your computer the proposal that we present you today can be very interesting for you, with just a few pallets and some wooden boards you can build a desk like the one at the picture, an ideal corner for working or surf the web.

To start you’ll need 3 entire pallets which are going to constitute the desk legs, also you need at least one more pallet to make the shelves on the left. The top board of the table can be made with some long pallet planks, or buy them in a carpenter store, the length is considerable so it will be difficult to find a pallet long enough to get these boards.

Desktop for your computer made ​​with pallets 5

Desktop for your computer made ​​with pallets

 Desktop for your computer made ​​with pallets 2

In this picture you can see how we have to ubicate our pallets, as I have mentioned previously 3 will make the legs of the table, but before we have to extract the central spine if they have one. We will create the rack with a fourth pallet cut by its half, and finnally we’ll unite all the pallet legs with more wooden boards by the floor.

 Desktop for your computer made ​​with pallets 3

Once we already know the total length of the table, we’ll buy some boards to make the top of the table. We’ll post them nail by nail and so end up setting the whole structure of the desk to be 100 % stable. Finally paint it using some varnish to improve the final result, a mahogany pigmented varnish will offer a similar result to the one shown at the image.

 Desktop for your computer made ​​with pallets 4

So we have only to place over the PC desk our computer and start enjoying it!

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