Desktop made of wooden pallets re-recycled


This special work has been done by a talented artist, and it no longer consists about just recycling wooden pallets to build a desk for your home or for your office, goes far beyond! that’s because it recycles an old shed that was already built long time ago with old wooden pallets, so we can talk about re-recycling…

Here you can see which was the original appearance of the shed, very ugly and old just making noise in the garden…





Once the shed was deconstructed we can see the original boards that compose it, and which originally were from a recicled wooden pallet.



Here we can see how we configure the desktop, cleaning and sanding the wooden boards, the design is pretty basic, but includes some compartments to store are your pens and pencils tidy on the desktop.


And this is the result of the desktop already painted, is spectacular the contrast with the original shed, and the white color makes it look much cleaner and new.


This is the final result of the desk in the bedroom with all the pencils… the lamp… gorgeous! what a change and great work!

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