Dining table made of pallets


This dining table made of pallets consists of two main structures: A top pallet working as the table, and a substructure made of pallets planks where the table rests.

To make the upper structure of the dining table we will need just an entire pallet, then we will cover the surface with a glass, just to make de pallet completely plane and usefull as a table, it will be the only element that you should buy. This is a popular technique for tables made of rustic structures, and it offers a great good-look design, because the glass is very clean and you can see whisch are the components that configure the table.

dining table made of pallets

Remember that the glass must be tempered and/or laminated, when tempered glass it’s broken, it leaves small particles of glass that doesn’t cut, so it’s much safer than the normal glass. If it’s also laminated with a sheet of butyl much better, so if you break the glass, the small pieces would stay hooked to the sheet. The glass does not have to break if it is thick enough, but it is worth taking some precautions.

The undercarriage is made ​​with wooden slats of a conventional pallet, for to do this you will have to dismantle the pallet first, here you can find how to quickly and easily dismantle the pallets. Once the pallets are dismantelled, use the strips that we have obtained to build a structure as we have seen in the photo. You should have to reinforce well the structure, because the entire weight of the upper pallet and the glass will be supported by this new base.

Finally we will varnish the table with a couple of coats to give it a nice-looking finish.

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