DIY outdoor pallet table for the garden


So far we have made ​​up my mind that wooden pallets are a very inexpensive way to make extraordinary objects, for which we only need 2 ingredients: imagination and ingenuity, this outdoor pallet furniture for your garden again exemplifies the versatility of the wooden pallets for DIY purposes.

This outdoor table for the garden is a great DIY project (Do It Yourself) and also a good challenge to do something with your own hands and style. To start it you will need two pallets, 4 wheels, 4 pieces of solid wood, some space and of course paint.

Outside pallet table for the garden

First you must collect two pallets and put one on the top of the other, as you can see in the photo we have used a few pieces of wood with some solid metal brackets between them, so you have get a useful place to put your magazines under the table. You can use any other idea to separate the two pallets, although personally this is the one that I prefer. The solid wood blocks can be obtained from a third pallet, or we can purchase them in a carpenteer store. Then we will turn around the pallet to fix the 4 wheels that I mentioned before, this is an optional resource but it will greatly facilitate the mobility of the table. Finally we will paint the table, in this case we have  painted it on the same color as the chairs for a better decoration, it is important to paint it with several layers and even apply to it some kinf of wooden oil, this last step is to protect the wood from the outside humidity and avoid its decomposition.

And so you have your cheap DIY outdoor pallet table for your garden or the porch.

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