Build a pallet table


Now that we have our pallets, what kind of pallet furniture are we going to do with them? Well, let’s think the easiest things first.

First step put a couple of pallets on the floor and cover them with a board of plywood, then you’ll get a table easily. Of course, you may want something a little bit more robust, in which case you can make a little more effort …

Remember that the pallets that you use could have been exposed to the enviorement elements. Sand and paint them are an essential step to prevent splinters and improve the finish. There are a couple of ways to make the table. If you’re stacking pallets, use nails to connect a pallet to another. You may also want to join the flat surface on top with some screws or nails. One of the easiest ways to get more profit of your table is adding a recycled wheels on the legs. So the table will not scratch the floor, and you also will have a transportable table.


Instead of putting 4 small wheels, the legs can be finished with a piece to protect the floor.

If you want to know how to make the desktop showed at the picture take a look a this link:

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