Easy to build coffee table


Here you can see how to make a simple coffee table just in 30 minutes. The entire table is made with recycled  wooden pallets and the total cost is 0€!! Who does not like free stuff?!

The top of the table is a full wooden pallet recycled, we used one that was in a good condition. The legs of the table and the reinforcements are made from oak wood, and they have also been recycled from another wooden pallet.

In the design we have decided to put some wooden reinforcements in the structure of the legs, a triangular ones, so after this little improvement, the table is much more stable and it will be impossible that the legs get broken.

Easy to build coffee table

Easy to build coffee table_2

As is a coffee table, it has been built a little bit small, so it can be placed in the center of a room without being a nuisance.

The designer decided not painting the table so he saved time and money, and the natural color is also very good solution depending on the decoration of your home.

Easy to build coffee table_3

Remember that although the end result is a little bit plain it’s very easy to build, and you can do in just 30 minutes!

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