Easy to build table with wooden pallets


This time I want to present you and easy to made DIY pallet furniture: a dining table made ​​of wooden pallets, ideal for a kitchen, dining room or living room. The finish is not excellent, however choosing a suitable color to match the other elements of the environment can work, so the table can fit well with the decor.

As you can see in the picture the construction is very simple, you just have to cut the pallets that will do the function of the legs to adapt them to the final table height, and then fit the slats of other pallet in one way, supporting them on the pallet legs, so then we will left an upper space to place the dishes, cutlery etc… It is important to fit and fix well the final table legs, to construct a solid structure which will hold the whole table, in this case we have used the wood chunks that are at the base of the pallets as a support for the boards.


To give a proper finish to the table and use it comfortably I recomend to polish the surface once it will be finished, or cover it with a glass with the size of the table.

Finally we will paint the table of our choosen color to give a nice finish to the wooden pallets.

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