Floating table with pallets


From the following blog: http://julenaroth.wordpress.com/ Julena has sent us this idea of a floating pallet table to share it. It is a fairly conventional table made with only 2 euro-pallets. To make it Julena has invested only 120$, but it was not really necessary, as it has spent the money on an automatic sander and 4 wheels that finally have been hidded… so if you want you can save you the money. I explain you now the construction process.

Floating table with pallets 2

Floating table with pallets

Floating table with pallets 3

You need 2 europalets .

 Floating table with pallets 4

The first thing that we’ll do is to remove the lower boards of the 2 pallets.

 Floating table with pallets 5

We’ll cut these boards with the measures of the upper gaps.

 Floating table with pallets 6

Here we’ll introduce these boards in the upper gaps of the pallets .

 Floating table with pallets 7

We will turn around one of the pallets and join it with the other one.

 Floating table with pallets 8

Finally add 4 wheels or boards to raise it from the floor, you must put them inside to hide them and obtain a floating table.

 Floating table with pallets 9

Julena in addition applied some solvent to the pallets to disinfect them and, most surprisingly , also has applied a layer of olive oil, unbelievable but true ! it seems to work, you just have to apply the oil and some newspapper in order to absorb it until you don’t notice the oil.

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