Garden pallet table with a brazier


Our Facebook fan Christine, has sent to us via our Facebook page this exciting project. It consists of a table made ​​from pallets, like others we have seen on this blog, but including a brazier in the center. An ideal concept as an outdoor furniture, especially for the these months before and after the summer, where you need some warm spot to make more pleasant to be in the terrace, also the fire itself is a very decorative element.

 Garden pallet table with brazier 1

The idea is to make from an entire pallet a coffee table, using the unmodified pallet as the top table, and placing at all the holes several wooden planks to get a flat surface. The pallet was lifted from the ground using multiple wooden planks from another pallet. In the center Christine has chosen to leave a gap, which has been closed inside to be filled with white gravel, finally a small brazier has been added on the center-top.

Garden pallet table with brazier 2

A magnificent and innovative project, we had not yet seen any table with a brazier in this blog! thank you very much for your idea Christine, I’m sure many are going to emulate it 🙂

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