Garden table made ​​with a wooden coil and one pallet 


Álvaro Melguizo follower of our Facebook page, sent us this project made with a wooden coil and a single pallet. I think that this project is fantastic, takes full advantage of both elements, and combines them with intelligence creating a table that works perfectly. Look below how to do it step by step.

The wooden coils are not to easily to find as the pallets, but I’m sure that if you try it hardly you are going to find them, a clue to begin with? there are companies dedicated to the sale of wiring for construction etc… it’s a good place to start asking.

Garden table made ​​with a wooden coil and one pallet 2

To start creating our table we have to make 2 parallel cuts on both sides of the wooden coil, one to avoid the table from rocking, and one more in order to place a table top.

Garden table made ​​with a wooden coil and one pallet 3

To make the table surface you need a standard pallet, unmount the bottom of the pallet to obtain a similar table like the one that you see in the picture. Then you have 2 options, one would be the one that has been done in this post, which is to fill the gaps of the pallet with other wooden planks, the other one consists on letting the top of the pallet as it is, and add a glass with the same dimensions as the table to get a smooth surface.

 Garden table made ​​with a wooden coil and one pallet 4

 Garden table made ​​with a wooden coil and one pallet 5

Finally, and before joining the 2 parts, we are going to sand and paint them. There are also several options, the sanding can be done either manual or mechanical, and the final treaty can be done with: varnish, paint or wood oil. The table can be fixed by some nails from the top, or by using small metal brackets from the bottom.

Garden table made ​​with a wooden coil and one pallet 

Álvaro Thanks for sharing your project with us, and also to all of you for following this blog!

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