Garden table made with pallets


Samuel sent us this table built using dismantled pallets, plank by plank. With an excellent finish and combined with 4 elegant chairs, this is a fantastic piece of furniture for any garden.

Garden table made with pallets 1

You can see in the pictures that not all the table was built with pallet planks, other wooden elements were involved, like the legs which are made of thick wooden beams, and the perimeter planks, which have an undulating finish on its surface.

You can build the entire table with just pallet planks, but if you want to improve its finish is worth acquiring some specific wooden pieces like in this case.

Garden table made with pallets 2

The planks from the table top were fixed using nails to the interior cells, also built with pallet planks as if it was a deck.

The table is very elegant and the result is so good, you can appreciate the carpentry skills from Samuel in how well executed is the furniture. It’s a very nice table for any garden and placed on the grass will suit perfectly.

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