Hanging desktop made of pallets


Today we want to show you this interesting project, it requires some skills using the radial saw, actually it’s really easy to do and only takes 3 hours to do it. You need a safety glasses, a circular saw, a tape measure, one drill, a pencil, a level, some screws and rings, turnbuckles and cable, varnish, sandpaper and a piece of plexiglass.

Hanging desktop made of pallets

 Hanging desktop made of pallets2

I made my desk joining the two pallets, to make a different design end and also make it longer, but doing a little bit of retrospective I recommend using just one. Measure the depth you want for your desktop (hint: you can find a piece of plexiglas at your home or simply  have already bought one, so it may be that interesting that you adapt the pallet to the plexiglas dimensions)

 Hanging desktop made of pallets3

 Hanging desktop made of pallets4

Using the level mark on the pallet with a pencil a straight line through it and cut it with the circular saw. Make sure that you leave enough space on the vertical support on the pallet to accommodate later a support for the table. Then you can sand the pallet to remove all the splinters and apply some coats of varnish or wooden oil.

 Hanging desktop made of pallets5

Later you must make 2 holes in the corners of the desktop, you must also drill the plexiglass to match it in these holes. Place the plexiglass over the pallet and put a ring on each side of the hole, then you must pass the screw into it through the pallet and the plexiglass, so you’ll have where to set the turnbuckles with the cables, look at the pictures you’ll understand it so much better.

 Hanging desktop made of pallets6

 Hanging desktop made of pallets7

Once you have set the location on the wall for your desktop, you must fix there a board where you are going to support later the pallet, we will fix it as it’s shown in the photo, with screws in the wall, but before we must level perfectly the board. Monitors do not fix the table in a plasterboard wall, this might not be strong enough to support the weight of the pallet. Finally we will set on the top of the wall the screws that are going to support the tensors, so we will fix to these screws the cable with the other turnbuckles connecting them to the desktop pallet, exactly where we put the rings into the plexiglas. So we’ll obtain a whole hanging structure without legs, perfect for working as a desktop, the legs will not bother you to place under it a chair. ¡And finally we have finished our spectacular hanging pallet desktop!

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