How to add wheels to a single pallet table


Do you remember our post about how to do single pallet tables? it’s a very functional furniture , fast and simple to build made ​​me think about the possibility of adding a new accessory for those who are in need of movement constantly: wheels. A good option because normally a coffe table made with only one pallet could be too low for your needs,  raise it with wheels and it will not stay at the same place. There are so many options of wheels, made ​​with all kinds of materials such as wood, nylon, steel…

How to add wheels to a pallet table 1

How to add wheels to a pallet table 2

Remember that if you don’t want to spend any money and avoid going to the hardware store for missing parts, you can always recycle them from an old piece of furniture with any use.

Next I’m going to explain you the steps of how to do it. Once you’ve chosen the wheels that you like more, we’ll make pencil marks on the wood, at the exact point where we are going to fix the wheels with screws. It’s highly recommended to draw the marks as accurate as possible , since once the wheels have been fixed, there’s no turning back and the table could be unbalanced.

How to add wheels to a pallet table 3

And here is the end result once you have varnished wood .

How to add wheels to a pallet table 4

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