Kitchen made with wooden pallet planks


Today somebody has sent us this outdoor kitchen made ​​entirely with pallets. It’s an outdoor space that has been taken advantage by placing a barbecue and a generous cooking table, you can see the barbecue at the left of the photo.

Basically the furniture has been constructed from 0 using dozens of wooden planks, all from the pallets, this brings the possibility of building a custom furniture that fits perfectly into the space that we have.

Kitchen made with wooden pallet planks

This is a very difficult project made with pallets, which has wasted several hours to his carpenter, and it certainly has a lot of merit. The kitchen also has several spaces below the bar for storage, a hanger made ​​with pallets for kitchen tools, and a socket has also been created between the wall and the bar to improve the quality off the furniture.

What a great job!

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