Breakfast bar for the kitchen built using pallets


Willy has sent us a photo of his kitchen, which recently improved thanks to his DIY skills and some pallets. This time the furniture which we deal in question is a breakfast bar made with pallets, and some other extra elements, ideal for separating your kitchen from the dining room and have a useful space where to have breakfast, lunch or simply as an auxiliary table for cooking when it’s required.

Kitchen with breakfast bar built using pallets

Willy has used to build this table 4 europallets, bought from € 8 ( 9 $ ) each, a wooden board, purchased at a hardware store, and 2 recycled metal legs.

As it’s detailed in the attached explanation, the furniture is built in 3 phases.

  • The first: The box built with pallets that works as a table support, 4 pallets put together, one on each side, and 2 of them cut to fit the width of the table.
  • The second: Painting of the pallet box and fixation of the upper table over it and the metal legs.
  • The third: Varnishing of the entire cabinet.

The final detail, excellent for my taste, are the 4 sixties stools that just decorate the kitchen, giving a very cool touch to the cabinet that also combine perfectly with it, as the pallets have been painted with the same colors, just one of the advantages of building your own furniture.

Do you like this palle furniture for the kitchen? Do you want to look for more pallet tables?