Living room table made with little wooden pieces


Do you remember these tables made with pieces of pallets sent by Phil Cayless recently? Phil is a very active supporter in our Facebook Fanpage, and always that he cans he shares with us some of his creations, but he always goes a step further, and the truth is that we must recognize that his pallet furniture has a special charm that makes it unique, because he doesn’t conforms emulating the classic tables and sofas made of stacked pallets.

Well Phil finally finished the table made with small pieces of pallet planks, and he sent us the photos, so I had to share them in this blog. The table as I commented you in the previous post is great, is not a carpentry job, is more like a super-laborious craftsmanship, and the result is as grateful as how difficult it was to create the table.

Living room table made with little wooden pieces 1

Living room table made with little wooden pieces 4

The coffee table houses inside a space to keep the useful tools from the living room, it has the special ad-on that, because it has been created of small wooden pieces, the border between the opening tables cannot be seen, this border is not linear, it follows the puzzle drawn by the little planks, and it is completely hidden.

Living room table made with little wooden pieces 2

Another detail of quality that I would highlight are the screws that attach the wooden structure, and also embellish the table, due to its originality and design. The varnish is also a fantastic highlight that draws different waters on the timber, by improving the contrast of the original colors, definitely a great choice that greatly improves the quality of the furniture.

Living room table made with little wooden pieces 3

As always Phil the result is excellent, so please don’t stop creating and sending your works, every body will thank you it.

Phil jobs are hard to emulate due to the high quality that have his projects, but this doesn’t means that you have to stop creating your own pallet furniture, the pallets versatility also allows us to create more simple constructions, and once you’ll have some experience you can try to start more complex creations like this table, it’s important that you try and insist. Once you’ll have some pallet furniture created at your back, you’ll see how gratefully it is.

Do you like this pallet furniture table for the living room? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet tables?