Make a coffee table for the living room


Today we present you a classic of DIY pallet furniture, the pallet table!

Well as you can see the design of this furniture table does not need much explanation! just the top image inspires us a lot! not only because the result is spectacular, also because how simple and easy can be done…

As easy as picking up a pallet and customize it to your own taste, with the colors that you want, whether you are English, American, Spanish, French … The only trouble you may find, is to add some casters so then the table could be easily moved, they can be bought at any hardware store, or even you can take them from a supemarket shopping cart, please do not steal shopping carts! I’m not responsible any of this!



If you are too lazy to add some wheels, you can always take advantage of the wooden wedges left by another pallet… Another interesting improvement, is to ad a glass on the surface of the table, the table would look nicer with it, and the surface will be cleaner and easy to use.

And then you have finished your living room coffee table, there’s no cheaper furniture!

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