Make a little coffe tabe with wooden pallets


In case you run into some wooden pallets and you don’t know what to do with them, then you can make this pretty and useful coffee table, a wonderfull piece of pallet furniture.

If you look at the photo you will see the full simplicity of the construction, which smartly uses the original form of the pallet. The only thing that may complicate its construction are the wooden drawers, but they bring a special touch to our table.

We will fix some planks on the sides, drawn from other pallets, just to make the legs of the table.

The small drawers are also made with the remains of another pallet, at this step we must be careful to measure precisely the space where the drawer will be, just to ensure the correct displacement later inside the table. The only thing you should buy for all this project are nails and knobs for the drawers, by the way you can also invent something to work as a knob instead of buying them. The drawers can be put on both sides or only on one of them.


The chosen color scheme in the photo is very original and gives a good result, but obviously this steo is completely up to you.

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