Make a workbench for your workshop step by step


If you need a table for your workshop, a spartan table to work without worrying whether or not you destroy it… is simple, I will explain you how to do a DIY pallet furniture table:

The first step is to get a couple of pallets like the one on the picture, this one is the European standard model, you will not have any problem to get some for free or just for a small price.




You should then move the 2 boards marked in blue to the sides, simply adjust them to the adjacent boards, you just have to remove the nails and fix them again, now you will see why.


Now you will take 2 more boards from another pallet, you will cut them to fit them into the space that we have left on the surface of the table, nail this new boards and then we will obtain de top surface of our table, you may also sand it to imporve de final result.


Finally we have to remove the other parts of the pallet and profit this structure to create the 4 feet of the table, if you take a look to the sketch yo can see that this step is very clear. Then fix the legs to finish the table, nail well the structure to improve its endurance…


You can check in this image of how will be the final result , a table made ​​from recycled pallets build to suffer, you will not mind to scratch it or break it!

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