Making a television cabinet with 8 europalets


A good solution for a table TV made ​​of pallets, it may be this one created by one of our followers. As you can see in the photo you only have to stack several wooden pallets, euro pallets in this case.

We will make 2 stacks of 3 pallets each, and over them we’ll put a half of one europallet, doing this we are going to achieve a symmetrical effect as the one of the example. You can also play with more shapes and more pallets if you have them, the possibilities are endless and you can even change its shape if you get tired of the decor of your room. The pallets are like a lego game, so if you don’t fix them you can always have time to play with them, don’t worry because due to its big weight is not easy to move them from their place even if they are not fixed.

Making a television cabinet with 8 europalets

Finally our follower has chosen to paint them in black, mixing the paint with a little water to dilute it, this gives the result of a used piece of furniture and the black color matches perfectly with the tv and the speakers.

If you also decide to make your own furniture for your TV, don’t forget to send it to us!

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