Office desks for our pallet furniture


Office Desks:

Recently we showed you this room decorated only with pallet furniture, We teach you how to do the arm-chair design, but we still have to explain you how to do the office desk with wooden pallets. To build an office desk we’ll need a pallet to make the table function, if the top of your pallet has no openings much better as this will save you a lot of work, otherwise you will have to get more boards in order to cover these overtures.

This time it will be easier to build this furniture, as we have a plan that details how to do it.

 Office Desks for our pallet furniture

Office Desks for our pallet furniture2

These boards can be get from a second deconstructed pallet, here we explain how to deconstruct it. In the table from the photo we have simply removed the top boards and have added a new ones, It doesn’t have much sense because by this way we don’t make profit from all the wood of the pallet.

 Office Desks for our pallet furniture3

Once you have done the top, if you want to have an office desk like the one on the photo, you will have to coat the bottom, so you’ll need to separate the lower parts of the pallet, fix a table under the it and then put the boards back again, the table can be made of fine wood as it doesn’t have to be structural, you can buy at any carpentry store. You also have the option of not doing the bottom if you want to save work, although I recommend you to do it as well you’ll have extra space to store your stuff into the office desk.

 Office Desks for our pallet furniture4

Finally we will put the legs on the office desk, in the example they have been bought, however if you want to save a few euros you can build them with another wooden pallet, or perhaps recycle them from another desktop that you no longer are going to use, or simply it’s broken.

Office Desks for our pallet furniture5

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