Outdoor kitchen with pallets


Eric has sent us again one of his fantastic creations, an outdoor kitchen built using pallets, perfect for barbecues on Sundays in summer and spring at your garden without dirtying your home.

Outdoor kitchen with pallets 1

The outdoor pallet kitchen consists of 3 main elements, one is the pallet table, which is the part that we can create us, and then there’s a griddle and a gas stove, acquired in a store and powered by a gas cylinder that is positioned under the furniture.

Outdoor kitchen with pallets 2

The cabinet is built using europalets, known for its quality of construction and wood. The superior table was made with a whole pallet cut in half, this table stands over 2 other pieces comming too from an Euro pallet, cut and adapted for the occasion.

Outdoor kitchen with pallets 3

Also 3 other auxiliary partshave been aded to the furniture. On the sides 2 eaves have been created using pallet planks, that can be very useful to place the cooking utensils and the ingredients. Under the table a surface has been hanged with 4 chains also built with planks, where is going to be placed the gas stove.

Outdoor kitchen with pallets 4

Outdoor kitchen with pallets 5

In this photo you can see that the furniture has been varnished to improve its finish and make it able to be ubicated outside, however once we have put the griddle and the gas stove the furniture should always be covered.

You can visit the Facebook page of Eric here: EDPalettes

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