Outdoor workwench for your garden made of wooden pallets


A nice and simple idea is to build a workbench with pallets to place in your yard or garage. To those who enjoy gardening, they need a space or a place where they can manipulate and work with the pots and plants, you know… fill the pots with soil… fertilize… and all that stuff… this workbench can be very useful as a high table with shelves, where we can place also our tools and products.

To build this workbench you’ll have to first deconstruct the pallets that you are going to use, here you can see how to do it. Then we’ll build the structure of the workbench with the longer boards. The structure should have 2 frames to be used as tables, one at the height where you want to work, and the other below to place the bags of soil, the compost and the larger pots. At the top we’ll build 2 or 3 shelves following the structure, for doing this the boards from the back of the furniture should be almost twice longer than the ones from front.

Outdoor workwench for your garden made of wooden pallets

Once we have finished the wooden structure, we’ll put the pallet boards in the 2 frames to complete the tables, like you can see in the picture. And so we’ll have completed the workbench. The end of the table does not have to be the best, as it is going to suffer and mess up constantly, and perhaps even suffer the blows of a hammer from time to time, so I don’t recommend you to take care of the appearance, later sure you are going to regret for doing it, however finally this decision it’s up to you. Well I hope you consider useful all this information and you feel encouraged enough to start building your own DIY workbench for your gardening work in your back-yard or garage.

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