Pneumatic pallet table


This is the project of Dirk Dahr from Germany, is a pallet made ​​with a classic design but with an addition that makes it special, 2 pneumatic airlift of 350 Newtons which can elevate the center of the table.

With this design the table has more space inside to store magazines and other useful things that should be on hand, plus when the central table is elevated, it can be used as a conventional desk, where you can work or your children can draw.

Pneumatic pallet table

 Pneumatic pallet table (2)

 Pneumatic pallet table (3)

Thanks to its pneumatic system, the table can easily lift up 25kg using only 2 fingers.

 Pneumatic pallet table (4)

To build it you will need two pallets, 4 deconstructed pallets to build the system that raises the central table.

 Pneumatic pallet table (5)

Here you can see a video of this table:

Thank you very much for your project Dirk!

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