Restaurant furniture made of pallets (2 of 2)


This post is a continuation of this one: Restaurant furniture made of pallets (1 of 2), where we could see how they have used wooden pallets to make the interiors of a restaurant, now I’ll explain you how was done the pallet furniture of the same restaurant.

The old lounge that was adapted for this new restaurant had no tables to eat, since no food was served before, so we had to buy from 12 to 15 tables, each for 2-4 persons. We took a look again at and we didn’t found anything that suited to our budget. But we found some old bar chairs for 4 € each, we needed to rehabilitate them a little bit, but with a little skill and effort the result was great, the wood was of good quality and they had an old rustic touch with a big personality, we paint them black to fit fully with the bar decor.

Restaurant furniture made of pallets

After finishing the wooden covering of the wall, we had a lot of pallet residues, most of them were the supports of the pallets. They were long enough to build the tables that we needed, but I had to do a framework to strength the pine wood… When we were arranging the pallets, we realized that many parts had thicker edges with logos and words engraved into the wood. These sides also had some kind of tabs to facilitate raising them. So instead of throwing them we think of using them for our tables. To do this we cut and join them together creating some frameworks with the shape of the table, later we attached the rest of pine planks into the frameworks, so we obtained the superior part of the table, we didn’t worry especially on the quallity of the execution, as we wanted to give to these tables a rustic style. Of course we take care to sand the table and the sides just for security.

 Restaurant furniture made of pallets2

Then we were worried to find something to raise the tables, the enough height to permit eat over them, but not as high as the bar. We also wanted them to be something industrialized, something to fit in the rustic decor of the rest of the restaurant. In front of the restaurant was an old pipe that ran along the wall, and this gave us a good idea! use recycled gas pipes to create the base structure of the table, just as it was a Meccano, gas and water pipes have all kinds of accessories to suit them in any shape, and can be cut easily.

 Restaurant furniture made of pallets3

 Restaurant furniture made of pallets4

So it was just a matter of cutting pipes and join them with T’s and L’s to build a stable base. The pipes idea is the same as this one I spoke once.

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