Rustic garden table


Daniel sent us this table for the garden of a noticeably rustic style. With a strong aesthetic, because of its materials and dimensions, and affordable for anyone who is starting in the world of DIY with pallets.

Rustic garden table 1

As you have already seen in these images that come in this post, the table consists especially of two elements, wooden pallets and a trunk of a tree. The pallets are fixed directly on the two tree trunks, of a considerable size to provide stability to the table, both pallets have also been set between them to extend the surface of the table and to give to it more stability.

Rustic garden table 2

Finally at the table they were added a few small drawers in the gaps that the pallets show, very useful for example to keep the cutlery, napkins and coasters, and all the furniture has been painted with a clay color that also protects the wood.

Rustic garden table 3

Do you like this pallet furniture for the patio? Do you want to look for more pallet tables?