Side table made ​​with fruit boxes


This time I want to propose you a very special furniture made with pallets, it’s a side table made with fruit boxes, it’s true that it’s not exactly pallet furniture, as the table comes entirely from an old wooden fruit box, however if you want you can build it too with pallets, building some boxes with the pallet boards and mimic the same process that I explain here.

To build this side table we used some recycled wooden boxes, in particular fruit boxes. The concept is very simple, basically consists on putting the box on its side, working as a table, so you can place objects below and above. In this case we used 2 boxes to give the table a more bigger surface, but the final configuration can be as you wish. To make the table more attractive we decided to paint it yellow, a color that fits well with the modern style of furniture.

Side table made ​​with fruit boxes

The last step before using the table is to put some supports to raise it slightly over the ground, so the bottom shelf wouldn’t be affected by the dust. For doing this we’ll use a few small pieces of wood or whathever you consider, you can also buy some supports in any hardware store if you want a more professional result. As it’s a combined furniture made of 2 boxes, we’ll need the double amount of supports, 4+4, 8 in total.

The design is very cheerful and fits well with the other furniture of the room, as they are also very original. We haven’t used wooden pallets to make the table, besides we have used some fruit boxes that are not to distant from them.

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