Side tables made with boxes of fruit


Next to your bed, your armchair to read, your couch, or perhaps some corner in the house , you may need a small side table. I personally love using fruit boxes to do this kind of tables, it is as simple as turning arround one and start putting things on the top of it.

You can turn it completely and use the bottom as it was a table, or put it on its side and and use the interior as a little book or magazine store place. Also it can be put vertically or horizontally according to the height that you want to obtain, it all depends on your needs.

Side tables made with boxes of fruit

 Side tables made with boxes of fruit 2

Finally we’ll give it a final touch, adding accessories such as wheels or shelves is a good choice, maybe put under the box a cardboard hidden to avoid scratching our parquet, and finally paint or varnish it to make it look cooler and fit with the rest of your home decor.

As you can see a box of fruit can be a great bedside table, you just have to get one and put yourself to work .

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