Simple TV cabinet made ​​with pallets


We had not yet spoken here on our blog about a TV cabinet made of pallets, very soon I will offer to you new TV cabinet projects much more elaborated than this one, but today I propose you a very easy to do one.

It consists simply of a few stacked wooden pallets forming the desired furniture , to get the optimum height adequated for watching TV, we just stack one pallet after another until the height is enought.

It’s a simple but effective idea that simply satisfy our needs , and in the voids left between the pallets we can put some DVD’s , CD’s or even a DVD player! if you still haven’t bought these electrical appliances it would be interesting to take one that fits into these holes . Surely there will be many more other holes left over, so we suggest you to fill them with some books and/or magazines , so we’ll fullfit it until the last space! The wiring of the TV, the DVD player and all that you have installed there on the pallet, can pass through the inside of the upper holes , it seems that this pallet furniture is made ​​specifically for this purpose !

mueble de television hecho con palets

This furniture can fit perfectly in a modern decor , especially in a home or a loft style stablishment, as you see in the above picture with a very adequate brick wall. The wooden floor also combines very well, or even a dark color , and of course the industrial style furniture ( loft style again ) will also combine with our cabinet made of pallets, such as metal stools as you can see in the picture.

Just remind you that the pallets should be thoroughly cleaned and sanded for the health and safety of the inhabitants of the house , if you want you can also varnish them for hygiene , although is not required for a rustic finish . Finally you can fix the pallets between them in order to stabilize the cabinet if you do not expect to change it for a long time, however this might not be worth as one of the biggest advantages of the pallets is its flexibility to dismantle our furniture and redecorate again all the room in one second .

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