Small living room furnished with pallets


The architect Estela Pinheiro is the designer of this interesting living room partially decorated with pallets, a very interesting proposal that can help us to decorate our living room if we want to equip it in a original way, or simply you do’nt have too much incomes.

Small living room furnished with pallets 1

The living room has been furnished using among other furniture 2 made entirely with pallets. The first is a decorative panel where the television is set, with no other utility than decorate and illuminate the room, it has been made just fixing to the wall 4 full pallets. As I said it also works as a screen to give indirect lighting to the living room, this has been achieved by taking advantage of the internal spaces of the pallets to place a luminaire.

Small living room furnished with pallets 2

The other piece of furniture that you can find in this small lounge is a table built with pallets, which is simply constructed by joining two pallets together, one against the other to increase the height of the interior space. The table does’nt have a table top so it is quite easy to imitate, it just has been painted in purple.

Small living room furnished with pallets 3

Excellent project that combines the pallets with other design furniture to achieve an original and innovative living room.

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