Table and Kitchen furniture made of pallets with a very original lighting


This is an installation of a DIY kitchen furniture. This DIY project consists on a breakfast table and also a storage furniture for the kitchen, used too as a microwave table. The installation isn’t very elaborated and it’s obvious that the pallets have been used to make the furniture, however it has something special that makes the design very attractive. This is thanks to the smart placement of the lighting, which is cleverly arranged within the furniture made with pallets, allowing the light to exit through the gaps between the boards, and creating a very suggestive collection of shadows.

Table and Kitchen furniture made of pallet with a very original lighting

The construction is very simple since it doesn’t requires a complicated manipulation of the pallets. The table is just a pallet placed horizontally and supported on other 2 vertical ones, with the peculiarity that one of these legs have been pivoted 90 degrees to close the storage space where’s the microwave cabinet. This other piece of furniture has also been made by placing 2 horizontal pallets working as a table, one placed directly on the ground, the other one resting over two planks nailed to the side structure that holds the table. On the other side of the structure we have also nailed some boards from pallets, which they do the function to hold the pallet that holds the microwave, and also closes the storage unit structure.

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