Table and sandbox of pallets


Fantastic project the one that we have found in “tu espacio ecologico” which has a dual function, consisting of an outdoor dining table, and also a sandbox for the children to play.

Table and sandbox of pallets 1

Of course completely built with pallets, the design is the usual of a picnic table, where the table is integrated into the same table, the table and benches being a unique piece of furniture.

Table and sandbox of pallets 2

So here we found a very well-crafted cabinet, with excellent and solid finishes, the ones that this company has us accustomed. But the usefulness of the furniture does not stop there, under the table a sandbox is hidden, it’s as simple as removing it and under this you’ll find an ideal space where the children can play.

Table and sandbox of pallets 3

A great and very well executed idea with the only downside that you have to locate it cleverly, and don’t let the children get everything dirty with the sand.

Table and sandbox of pallets 4

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden? Do you want to look for more pallet tables?