Table built gluing pallet planks


New pallet furniture creations from our Facebook page keep coming to us, the latest one is this rustic table. Following the system of gluing the pallet planks by its wider side, like we already had seen before in this table for the living room and this desk, this so strong and original table has been created, ideal to use as a dining room table or to place on a patio.

Table built gluing pallet planks

So I’ll try to explain you how you can build this table in the easiest way possible. Basically we get a lot of wooden boards, obviously extracting them from recycled or bought pallets, here we explain you how to extract these planks without any complications. In this case the table has been built with 70 planks, it will be very laborious to get all of them because they are too much, but the result definitely worths it.

First of all we are going to cut them to the same length. Then to join them we just have to glue every side of the planks using wooden glue, very easy, but having in mind that the planks must be perfectly aligned on the surface of the table, making it as flat as possible. Due to the size differences between the planks of the pallets, it’s easy that many of these tables don’t have the same width, so to place and join them perfectly we should do it over a flat surface. Once we have obtained the table, we have to sand the face that we are going to use, until we get an smooth and regular surface.

At this point it’s time to create the legs of the table, there are several options at our hands, we can even buy two sawhorses and finish here the process. Note that the top-table weigh is considerable so we are going to need a solid structure to support it. At the table of the picture the creator has chosen a triangular structure for the legs, that makes them much more tough.

Our collage table is already finished and the result is truly unique and attractive, you are not going to find any table like this one so enjoy it and be the envy of your neighborhood.

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