Table made with pallet boards


This couple from Pennsylvania has made rhis interesting pallet table, but this time they have radically changed the way to do it. We have seen some other tables made of pallets with a much more standard way of building them, and normally using the entire pallet as the table structure, in this case the design is much more original and spectacular. The girl from this couple is an artist who likes to work with collage, that would explain a little the pallet furniture design.

Table made with pallet boards

Table made with pallet boards2

First we must dismantle the pallets, if you don’t know how to easily do it here we explain you how. You can see on the followinf photos the result of the deconstructed pallet. The pallet table is beginning to be real!

 Table made with pallet boards3

You must decide the dimesions of your table made of pallets, perhaps with boards just removed from the pallets you can begin to design it. If you take a look to the photo of the finished table you’ll see that it consists of 3 parts, the upper one with vertical pieces all of the same lenght, the center one made with horizontal tables and the lower one also with vertical pieces but of differents lenghts. I refer to them as the upper part, the center part and the lower part. To define the dimensions of each part it’s important to start with the center. Look for the most beautiful boards that you have and make sure that they fit in a way to build a rectangular table, if the tables are quite irregular it’s not a problem, the overall dimensions are the ones that have to fit. We will organize the tables according to our pre-design like on the photo, in order to  fit all the boards perfectly.

 Table made with pallet boards4

Now is the time to place the boards to build the structure of the table, 3 are enought, you must decide the length of them according to the width that you want to give to the pallet table. In this case they will be of different lengths in order to imprint those curves that you have seen in the first image.

 Table made with pallet boards5

This is the most tedious and boring step, you’ll have to do 2 holes to each board, later we’ll join them with an iron bar of the same length as the all joined tables, keep in mind to place correctly the holes so once we join the tables the holes have to coincide, if not the result would be too irregular. The iron bars are placed through the holes as is it shown in the photo.

 Table made with pallet boards6

The upper part of the table has all the boards of the same dimensions, and the lower part makes use of the different sized tables to place them in stages and create the curve of the table, as if it were a piano. The iron bars must also pass through the main structure boards to maintain the whole system together, however the end boards wouldn’t have a complete hole to hide the iron bar, in the photo below it’s well detailed. The iron bar should be cut to fit the final table. To join the end of the structure you should nail several nails or screws.

 Table made with pallet boards7

 Table made with pallet boards8

The curve can be done using the irregular pieces, or at the end you can cut them with a chainsaw. This last step is optional but it gives a more artistic touch to the pallet table.

 Table made with pallet boards9

Nest you’ll nail the boards to the center so the table will be finnally ready, but if you want a perfect end I recommend you to sand all the surface, if you don’t do that you’ll have a flat surface but also somewhat irregular, and it’s going to be more dificult to clean it. In the above photo you can see the table sanded.

 Table made with pallet boards10

Another optional step that you can do to improve your table is to sand also the sides and the corners, so they will be more rounded and the table will be safer for your children.

 Table made with pallet boards11

And finally with the structural pallet boards will build the base of the table, we’ll create a rectangle and fix the legs. The legs have been bought in a store, but if you want you could also use pallet boards to create them. Finally we’ll fix rectangular structure with the legs as is it shown in the image.

 Table made with pallet boards12

The result is excellent, I think is the most beautiful pallet table that I’ve seen ever, although the project is so tedious and there are other much easier ways to make tables with pallets…

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