Table to play risk


This is a brilliant idea that we have found surfing the web, and for those fans of board games like Risk, this may be the best option to decorate your pallet table. The idea is once you have built your coffee table, with a completely flat surface made of wood , engrave on it the world map of the game, with the same territories and colors, so you can play your Risk games without the original cardboard.

Before you’ll have to draw the map on the wood with a pencil, and then engrave it with a spike and a hammer leaving a few mm. deep, next paint with black paint the engraving that we have made, and finnally paint these territories with the right colors of the game. I show you now some pictures as an example, that although only one has been made with pallets, they can also serve as an inspiration. Soon I will build one my self and I will show my work.

Table to play risk 1


Table to play risk 2

Table to play risk 3

Do you like this pallet table for the living room?