Tables created with pieces of pallets


Phil Cayless is another fan of our facebook page, I especially like the projects that Phil sends us, he always is trying to innovate within the possibilities offered by the pallets. Phil often uses the parts that compose them to create new pieces of furniture, and also combines the  wood with other materials to make it even more attractive and obtain a more original result. Below I show you some examples.

Tables created with pieces of pallets 1

Tables created with pieces of pallets 2

This table is made of wooden planks from the pallets, placed forming drawings and leaving a few gaps which later are going to be fitted with ceramic pieces. As you see, the table, despite of being made ​​with pallets, it can be as complex as you want, with the planks we can create different drawings, and also we can complement it with the use of new materials, so the result can be unique!

Tables created with pieces of pallets 3

In this case the drawings made using the pallets planks are even more complex, the wooden planks have been cut into small pieces and then placed arbitrarily, forming labyrinthine drawings.

Tables created with pieces of pallets 4

What’s even more is that the top table can be opened, to show a free space inside, used to store any utility from the living room, like a trunk. Notice that the wooden pieces fit together like a puzzle, even when you open the table, a detail of quality that makes it even more special.

Phil your work is incredible! let’s see if someone dares to emulate you.

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