Trunk table made with pallets


This coffee table can be very useful, it can be opened to keepinside whatever you want, you will have a great space and laso it doesn’t go unnoticed, it’s a beautiful and rustic table, ideal for classic decorations . Of course it’s built using recycled pallets and it’s quite affordable to build.

Trunk table made with pallets 1

As you can see in these images the table has a very simple mechanism that can be opened, when it’s closed is evident at a glance that it was built with pallets.

Trunk table made with pallets 2

I will explain in a few simple steps how to build one.

Trunk table made with pallets 3

To obtain the same result as it’s shown in the photos you should use a pallet like the one on this image, however you can adapt your pallets to the design of the table with some idea.

Trunk table made with pallets 4

We must Recycle or buy four wooden boards to fix them around the pallet, we just have to cut them to the desired size. To fix them we can use some metal brackets on the inside or the outside with a few screws, also’ll nail some nails between these boards to secure the structure.

Trunk table made with pallets 5

The other pallet has to be cut as we indicate you in this image, with a slight inclination in the middle.

Trunk table made with pallets 6

Finally fix these 2 pallet wings using hinges to the ends of the table, and you’ll get the top of the table. The hinges should be of a considerable size and must be well fixed with screws, the pallet is very heavy and once the wings are opened it could break the system, so open it softly.

Finally you can set some wheels to the table and varnish or paint it as usual in these DIY pallet projects.

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