TV cabinet with only one pallet


This is another piece of furniture that Freddy sent me like the bed and the cabinet for the kitchen made with palets. Super easy to make and very nice and useful. If you do not have a place to put your TV and Blu-Ray player this can be a quick fix and it really works!

I will explain you how to do it but I think it is very obvious… you just have to take a look to the picture… You only will have to adjust a pallet to the the result that is showed on the photo, but how? Just cut a pallet and dismantle it, then reassemble the boards making two shelves, a big one with 3 beams , and another one more tiny using only 2 beams to place it over the bigger one. This is the way to do it and get a result exactly to the on the picture and only spend a single pallet.

If you don’t want to dismantle and cut pallets you can also do it in another way, using 2 whole pallets and placing them one above the other, it is much easier but it will not be so original and you’ll have to spend an extra pallet… Anyway… Up to you!

TV cabinet with only one pallet

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