2 wardrobes built with pallet planks


Matteo sends us these 2 good examples of how to make cabinets using wooden pallets. It’s amazing the skill that has Matteo building furniture with pallets, from here we want to congratulate him for his work!

2 wardrobes built with pallet planks 1

Ideal for storing our clothes and shoes in our room; or in the kitchen or dining room to put the cups, tablecloths, glasses and plates that we use; These cabinets are not easy to build but can be immensely useful. Completely built with pallet planks, all obtained from the deconstruction of these, then polished and cut to build with them a piece of furniture like the one on the picture.

2 wardrobes built with pallet planks 2

With the pallets we can build any type of furniture, at the same level that the ones we can find at the furniture stores, as you can see in these 2 examples, so get to work and begin to work on your projects, gradually you will refine and improve your technique to create cabinets like these ones.

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