Auxiliary cabinet for a small bathroom


Lionel sends us this auxiliary cabinet that he has built for his bathroom. With just a pallet he has created a piece of furniture that beautifully decorates a small bathroom and that is also very practical!



This is the original image of his bathroom, you can appreciate that it is very small and sober, you can really notice that something is missing …


So the idea is to fit a pallet vertically against the wall that will work as a little cabinet, it’s perfect, the pallet is very narrow and hardly takes up space, plus also the wood gives a nice air to the decor.


The only acquisitions that he has bought to fix this pallet are: 2 metal hinges and some nails and screws, spending a total of less than 4 €. Notice that Lionel has cut the pallet to make it not so hight, and leftover planks has been used to create the interior shelves, also on the top he has added a lid thanks o the hinges and the screws.


The furniture is just perfect! fits into the space smoothly and without disturbing, and is certainly ideal for storing everything you need in the bathroom and we want to have on hand, like the toilet paper, our cleaning products, or some magazines… I would also add one Game Boy with Tetris 😉

Lionel Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful project, which it’s also very well presented 🙂

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