Bathroom furniture made ​​entirely from pallets


Eric sent us this excellent option for the bathroom, if you have a little bland bath using a few pallets you can completely change its image, the option we suggest is to transform the base of a sink in a beautiful space where to store the cleaning products, and a closet for the bathroom tools. Here we show a few pictures with the process of how to assemble this furniture.

Bathroom furniture made ​​entirely from pallets 1

Bathroom furniture made ​​entirely from pallets 2

If you take a look closer to the pictures, it can be seen the pallets used to create the furniture, and all the planks that are also used in its implementation.

Apart from these 2 pieces of furniture, a second ad-on has been created to cover the space of the trash and the dirty clothes container, using also wooden pallet planks to make work all the elements as a single unit. As you can see all the wood used is in perfect condition, it is important to choose the pallets correctly and sand them properly if you want to obtain a good furniture finish.

Bathroom furniture made ​​entirely from pallets 3

Bathroom furniture made ​​entirely from pallets 4

Finally all the wood has been painted and all the cavities have also been covered, where it has been possible some doors haven aded, also made ​​of pallet planks, is somewhat laborious but it certainly improves the finish of the furniture, however other spaces were covered using fabric curtains, and the finish is also more than adequate.

Bathroom furniture made ​​entirely from pallets 5

Bathroom furniture made ​​entirely from pallets 6

And in this last picture you can admire the end result of the furniture, very professional and nice, seems made by the best of the carpenters. Thanks to the pallets a simple bathroom has become a beautiful and very well decorated space, we can do nothing but congratulate Eric for sending us one of the best projects that we have ever seen.

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