Wardrobe made of pallets


For those that want a custom furniture and don’t want to spend a single dollar in IKEA, here’s an example of how to make a pallet furniture wardrobe of  any size, with storage capacity above and below.

The dimensions of this industrial wardrobe can be changed according to the needs of room space or the volume of the clothes to keep. The idea is to make an open wardrobe like the one at the photo, with the consequent save of work and pallets, the only problem you may have is that if you keep there your clothes and you never use them, they can be filled with dust, however for the everyday use is more than enough. If in the future you would like to close the wardrobe, it could be done by using boards from more pallets or just some sheets that we no longer need.

The model shown here is relatively simple on its construction. Some extras to add to the furniture design could be a hatter or a place to keep the shoes, that’s always a choice for carpenteer.

You must deconstruct the pallets that you are going to use, because the furniture will use the boards from the pallet. And we have to join them like in the photo. the only pieces that we can save could be the top and the bottom of the wardrobe, as long as you adapt to the diemnsion that we want for the closet. The sides should be composed of several boards linked together to extend the wardrobe up to 2 meters high. We will obtain the shelf boards cutting them from the pallets, and later we will fix them with nails to the structure.


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