Small cabinets made ​​from recycled fruit boxes


A good option to recycle your wooden fruit boxes is to use them as small closets. We just have to stack them in the corner of a room and then fill them with objects, books and other useful things… Obviously before we have to clean them well, and as an option we can also sand, paint and/or varnish them, but this is just up to everyones. There are also dyes that mimic the aging of the wood, which once applied to the boxes can give an interesting rustic touch, perfect for a cottage!

Small cabinets made ​​from recycled fruit boxes

 Small cabinets made ​​from recycled fruit boxes 2

If we want we can also nail between them, or simply glue them in order to strengthen the structure and make it more like a closet, another good complementary option to this is to add some rollers that you can buy at any hardware store, or even recycle them form an old shopping cart!

 Small cabinets made ​​from recycled fruit boxes 3

In the bathroom they can be also very useful, as they can be a good place to store our towels and sheets which we never know where to put, but we need them to have in hand .

 Small cabinets made ​​from recycled fruit boxes 4

The rustic decor is the most suitable to combine with our fruit boxes, green plants and flowered plants combine very well, and  also useful cootidian objects made by hand from natural materials. The combination is perfect as you can see in the image where green and brown are the protagonists colors, or even any metal object a little rusty.

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